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Not A Consultation is a place to capture and share some of the ever-growing body of learning on patient and public involvement and NHS service change. Each episode we pick a topic to discuss and invite guests to share with us their experiences, thoughts and reflections. We look at case studies, share innovation, analyse guidance updates, hear first-hand accounts from experienced practitioners, and answer listeners’ questions.


Caroline Latta Picture of Caroline Latta

Caroline has 25 years’ experience leading and delivering public engagement and consultation, communications and marketing programmes across private, public and healthcare sectors. She is an expert in patient involvement, public engagement, and significant service change. Caroline has led strategic communications and public consultation functions for several challenging NHS change programmes, including several that have been referred the Secretary of State for Health in England and a successfully defended judicial review that contributed to common law. She co-authored Legal duties for service change: A guide for NHS England and Improvement.


Picture of Paul Parsons Paul Parsons

Paul has 20 years’ experience of involving people in policy and service change. He has supported dozens of NHS organisations through high-profile, service change projects. He specialises in identifying, planning for and managing the risks of conducting public consultations on contentious proposals, and nerds out on NHS patient and public participation and service change policy and guidance as a pastime. A history of working with people who live with disabilities, people who have English as a second language, and people who are deaf, blind, or deaf and blind have given him a broad perspective on the benefits of engaging people and communities who some describe as ‘hard to reach’. Paul is a co-author of NHS England’s Legal duties for service change: A guide

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